The Piedras y Pájaros and Postal Parks were designed and constructed by Tenaja Holdings to develop a strong sense of community and to improve the quality of life in downtown La Paz.

The purpose of these pocket parks is to stimulate business, enhance public enjoyment and create a thriving community. By providing attractive, safe spaces where various activities can take place, people are drawn together to meet, talk and relax. We invite you to do the same, drop by, admire the artwork and perhaps take in a concert or reading.

Piedras y Pájaros Park

The Piedras y Pájaros Park is located in historical downtown La Paz on Constitución between Madero and Belisario Dominguez. Inaugurated on April 13, 2012, this relaxing space is open to the public from 8am to 8pm in summer, and 7am to 6pm in winter.

On Friday evenings, depending on weather and availability, free concerts are often organized in coordination with the La Paz Music School, local bands and musicians. Additionally, book and poetry readings take place at various times. Residents gather informally to play chess, eat lunch, converse or simply enjoy a quiet moment. All the while, gentle water sounds from an artistic fountain provide a soothing background.

“Piedras y Pájaros” means “Stones and Birds” in English. Click on the following buttons to learn more about two of the park’s focal points — the poem with the same name, and the Choir in Harmony fountain.

Postal Park

A short walk from Piedras y Pájaros Park brings you to Postal Park, which is on the corner of Revolución and Constitución, across from the post office and just one block from the main square and cathedral of La Paz.

This small space offers the community another centrally-located and attractive place to meet, gather and chat. Dedicated to promoting a vibrant downtown La Paz, this park was first opened in 2007 and is open daily.

In August and September of 2015, the park was renovated and a new decorative wall was added.

Videos of Musicians

The following video was recorded in the Piedras y Pájaros Park and provides glimpses of the overall setting, the plantings and the fountain. 


Additional park performances can be found on YouTube, such as these two examples: The Wall playing Champagne Supernova by Oasis and The Owlguins playing Gravity by John Mayer.

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