In the Sierra Cacachilas mountains and nearby surroundings, we restore, develop, and maintain historical ranches and sites. We aim to preserve history, protect and heal the land, boost the local economy, and encourage people to appreciate their natural and cultural heritage.

The architectural styles that we use on the ranches are designed to promote harmony among people, nature, and landscapes — to blend with, and to embrace, the natural environment. We integrate indoor/outdoor facilities, as well as hiking and biking trails, and we showcase sustainable, low-impact living.

We often build in the historical manner that combines carrizo (a bamboo-like reed) and mud, or we use an earth and cement mixture that is poured inside stacked metal frames. This latter construction method not only creates beautiful textures on the exterior and interior walls but also results in a cool, comfortable and silent building that is capable of sustaining the harsh heat of Southern Baja summers. Additionally, we frequently use other native materials that are grown or found on the ranches, such as palm fronds, palo de arco branches, sand, gravel and rock. We implement innovative methods such as earthbag construction, bioclimatic architectural techniques, and bottle walls that recycle materials, reduce the usage of concrete, and improve insulation and durability. All our ranch facilities are completely off-grid, operating in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on public utility services.


To learn more about our ranches, as well as ways to access some of these environmentally responsible facilities — through workshops, retreats, wine and cheese tastings, and adventures — please visit our sister site Rancho Cacachilas.

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