Artist Rocío Sánchez explains her sculpture

The Queen of the Seas


The work is inspired by a cross section of a spiral shell, an important symbol in Mesoamerican culture. Universally, the spiral is a symbol of the origin of life and is associated with water and women.

The snail turns into a woman and the woman transforms into a snail. In this sense of unity, we are all one.

La Reina de los Mares is oriented 23 degrees north so that on the first day of summer the sun is precisely in front of her and the gem that she has between her eyebrows reflects her brilliance in the form of a star, evoking the ceremonial centers of our ancestors.

Considering where the sun sets and watching its trajectory over the  year, to place the artwork in this specific spot, invites us first to recognize ourselves in this ancestral practice, restoring the sacred aspect of our relationship with nature, and also invites us to interact visually with the work.

La Reina watches the western horizon. On a wave that moves northward and southward ... As if she elevates the oceans ....

(Translated into English from Rocío Sánchez' original text)

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